Guide to Download eBooks

These products are a downloadable digital eBook, not a physical recipe book. 

After making your purchase, you will be able to immediately download the eBook from the order confirmation screen and you will also receive an email with the link there.

We highly recommend saving that link immediately from the order confirmation screen. 

In some cases you may be sent TWO files, they are the same eBook but one is a smaller file size to save to your device, and the other much higher res for printing. If you order a bundle you do not have this option but get in touch if you require the high res version. 

If you have any problems downloading the eBook, please email me -

You can print or save your eBook to your phone, tablet or computer, to do this click download and save it to a special Just A Mum's Kitchen eBook file, books app, kindle or drive to be found later.